Our Board of Directors is excited for a new year of connecting with alumni from across Greater Cleveland and raising money to send the next generation of Buckeyes to The Ohio State University!

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Board of Directors

Board meetings are usually held on the second Wednesday of each month. For the next few months, they will be held virtually.

The mid-summer meeting is the board picnic and the December meeting is the board holiday gathering; these meetings are held elsewhere.


President – Chris Mignogna

Vice President – Dawn Plante

Treasurer – Chris Sydenstricker

Secretary –  Vera Boggs

Committee Chairs

Student Recruitment Chair – Julie Scheiner

Communications Chair – Jennifer Vinson

Events Chair – Dawn Plante

Director of Membership – Michael Kan

Alumni Band Director – Duane Smith

Scholarship Chair – Andrew Bemer

Banquet Chair– Ron Warzel

Technology Chair– Brad Paton

Ex-Officio Member – Justin Costanzo

Volunteers Chair – Megan Shelby

Board of Directors

David Adams Andrew Bemer Kathy Berkshire Vera Boggs
Traci Clark Jennifer Dieringer Gary Distelhorst Barbara Harris
Michael Kan Shaun Kinley Bridget McMurray Christina Mignogna
Bill Miko Jamie Mudrick Marissa Papas Brad Paton
John Petrus Dawn Plante Mathew Rambo Steven Rambo
Greg Rossi Julia Scheiner Megan Shelby Duane Smith
Chris Sydenstricker Jen Vinson Ron Warzel

Ohio State Student Representative

Rachel Barrett

Thank you to all who have served Ohio State and the Alumni Club of Cleveland with their leadership through the years!

Past Presidents

J. Lee Bailey • Frank Barr • Andrew Bemer • Kathy Berkshire • C. Richard Brubaker • Brian Bucher • Jim Caldwell • William Carey • James Chapman • Robert Cogan • James Conroy • Leslie Croyle • Janet Darchuk-Smith • C. Lynne Day • Thomas Dee • Roger Delman • Kerry Dustin • David W. Furry • Richard Furry • Brian Griebel • Edward Kagels • Walter Klevay Sr. • William LaPlace • Steven Jay Levine • John Lipaj • Mark Lowe • William MacDonald • Packy Malley • Thomas McDonald Jr. • Casey McMillen • Bill Miko • David Miller • John Miller• John Novotney • Alan Oatey • Brad Paton • Jon Prendergast • Elizabeth Rader • Jim Reeves • Lad Rehula • Donald E. Samuel • Julie Scheiner • Barbara Snyder • Richard Snyder • Peggy Sobul • Brian Thiry • Tom Thiry • Earl Thomas

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