Scholarship Application

The Ohio State University Alumni Scholars Program Application

Scholarship Instructions

Part I: Completed by the student applying for the scholarship.

Part II: Completed by a principal, counselor, or teacher.

Part III: Due Date and Scholarship Chair information. DO NOT SEND to the University or the Alumni Association. Must be sent to the Scholarship Chairman of the alumni club.

The Alumni Scholars Committee in your area will screen applicants and interview finalists to select the best prospective student for this scholarship. Please review Information for the Student prior to completing this form. If you will be an OSU varsity scholarship student athlete or plan to “walk on” to a varsity sport, you may not be eligible for a club scholarship award. Each student athlete’s ability to receive a club scholarship award will need approval by Ohio State Athletics Compliance on a case by case basis.

Please mail your completed application no later than January 17, 2018 to PO Box 16332, Rocky River, OH 44116.